The World of Spices

Spices are the seeds, roots, bark and flowers of plants that are grown, harvested and processed as food or beverage flavoring. The trend towards a healthier lifestyle advocates the use of natural flavorings which are obtained from spices instead of relying on chemical components such as salt. Besides enhancing the flavour of food, many of these spices such as garlic, nutmeg and almond have special health-promoting properties of their own The increasing popularity of
ethnic cooking also generates a greater demand for herbs and spices, especially those preserved in natural ways like drying in the sun.

Dried, and re-processed under the most stringent supervision to maximize product quality … a demand SKH imposes on itself through its own dedication.

                                      Spices                                          Beans/Grains
                      Oil Seeds/Kernels                                 Pulses/Dhalls
                                  Dried Fruits                                            Herbs