Company Profile

We at SKH believe in placing customer satisfaction above every other consideration at all times. To ensure this we pay the most careful attention to the condition of the merchandise in question. That is why we make it a point to provide ample storage and chilling facilities for the wide range of dried food that pass through our custody, in particular the quality spices, herbs and seasonings, for which we also provide product and facilities.

Since our inception in 1993, We have had international trade connections with countries from Asia to the Middle East and Europe – and right across to the other side of the globe, with Canada and South America. To ensure the smooth operation of our activities, we even have our own Laboratory to undertake the processes of packaging and delivery which, within West Malaysia, is done by lorry or truck to save time and minimize costs.

Customer satisfaction is a dedication to all of us here at SKH, the way we do things, and the rule we live by.

SKH trades in a wide range of spices for which there is an ever growing demand both locally and in overseas markets.
Growing Demand
Spices are becoming increasingly popular in foreigh cuisine and one of SKH’s main concerns is to ensure that the demands are met.